Current challenges of our customers

Solutions for banks, investors and buyers and sellers of telco and IT assets

Telco and IT markets are currently subject to high market and change dynamics. Numerous new FTTH players have established themselves in the telco market, while at the same time traditional telcos have begun to defend their markets. Many market players expect consolidation. Strongly growing demand is meeting increasingly high requirements for efficiency and sustainability. Market dynamics have been changing. The change in demand means far-reaching market adjustments with new infrastructures, new business models and high demands on operational efficiency.

This comes with challenges for all market participants, operators, banks, investors, buyers and sellers of telco and IT assets. LATUS consulting combines deep industry expertise from the Telco and IT market with requirements from the financial industry and expectations of investors for their investments in the IT and Telco environment. We have developed a finance portfolio that supports the various market participants in achieving their goals.

From the point of view of investors, banks and operators, this is the support in commercial and technical due diligences of takeover candidates (from the buyer’s and seller’s point of view). The due diligence portfolio ranges from the preparation of brief analyses to detailed risk assessments based on commercial, technical and financial analyses and on-site reviews of business performance. We also support buyers in identifying suitable takeover candidates.

For sellers, we support and manage the entire transaction process of a planned company sale from planning and structuring to the preparation of business case, company valuation, information memorandum, data room set-up, buyer approach, management due diligence process and contract negotiation until successful closing.

For operators and their investors, LATUS creates business cases as the basis for defining strategies and business models. Quantitative and qualitative scenario analyses and simulations help to identify suitable strategies and business models in line with a chosen risk profile. Appropriate KPI reporting increases transparency within the company and helps with corporate management.

In addition, we help companies that have fallen into difficulties during a consolidation phase. Based on a root cause analysis, solutions are jointly developed to bring the company back on track for success. These include turnaround strategies to stabilize and increase the revenue side or measures to increase efficiency and control costs on the expense side. The migration from the manufactory to the FTTH factory is a project focus. It also includes financial restructuring, i.e. examining the capital and ownership structure to identify liquidity gaps. Financial restructuring of the capital supply or adjustments in the ownership structures help to restore the company’s financial performance and put it on a sustainable footing.

The range of services offered by LATUS consulting in the field of finance includes the following:

  • Due Diligence and Risk Analyses: LATUS consulting Due Diligence projects (commercial, technical, operational, organizational) range from short analyses based on "data room" analyses to detailed on-site investigations
  • Business Case und Szenarioanalysen: Es kommen verschiedene Business Case-Ansätze zum Einsatz. Szenarien werden simuliert und entsprechend des gewählten Risikoprofils kann die optimale Strategie identifiziert werden
  • Target Screening (M&A): Targeting is based on congruence or complementarity criteria, which are transformed into a long and short list based on search parameters
  • Financial KPI Reporting: Typical KPI reporting is determined in a value driver tree depending on basic key figures. It is used for corporate transparency and as a basis for corporate management
  • Turnaround and Financial Restructuring: LATUS supports companies in distress - with realignment of strategy and business model, implementation of efficiency levers or with adjustments of capital and ownership structure
  • Transaction support: LATUS supports the company sale and the sales process as a transaction advisor