ICT networks & planning

A nationwide glass fiber infrastructure is crucial for digitalization and a central location factor. The digital infrastructure of a city must eventually include access to digital offers and business models of the future for all citizens and businesses. In order to rollout a high performance glass fiber network, it is necessary to plan the overall passive access network and the corresponding active components. Optimal planning results ensure minimization of investments in network infrastructure.

LATUS’ consultants have vast experience in designing, planning, and rolling out FTTx networks in various sizes. Our consultants work with tools that were developed especially for the conception of passive FTTH networks as well as relevant active technology parts. That way, networks can always be planned in an excellent cost-performance ratio.

Especially for passive networks, LATUS has a highly-scalable ‚state of the art‘ software tool to plan and optimize network structures, allowing time savings in the planning process and cost optimizations of the network structures. A detailed planning and comprehensive tender management of passive and active technology further ensures a structured and cost optimized construction of our customers’ network together with suitable partners.

LATUS consulting offers a comprehensive spectrum of services in the area of network rollout planning:

  • Development of network design, network topologies & material concept
  • Master planning of passive network infrastructure on the basis of geocoded addresses
  • Detailed implementation planning including geocoded underground construction, splice and installation plan as a basis for tenders and network rollout
  • Planning of rollout including calculation of investment and expenses