Internet of Things

The digitalization of value-creation processes in all industries is accelerating considerably. In particular, new mobile data applications that connect machines (M2M) increase productivity in all business segments. Studies show that efficiency can be increased and average costs lowered by more than 20 percent by implementing mobile business solutions (source: WIK 2020).

However, not everything that is technically possible can also be implemented at a company or integrated into an existing business model.

In order to utilize the main economic advantages, every company must answer the following key questions:

  • Which procedural and technical use cases make sense (business use cases)?
  • Which value-creation processes may have to be reorganized?
  • Which IT solutions can be used to monitor usage and costs and provide data protection and security (IT management)?
  • Which ICT technologies, systems, and network infrastructures are suitable for meeting these requirements cost-efficiently (technology/network selection)?

LATUS consulting helps companies and organizations to develop and introduce M2M solutions by:

  • Developing suitable business use cases
  • Deriving technology, network, and IT requirements on the basis of these use cases
  • Evaluating suitable ICT technologies
  • Evaluating suitable network infrastructures
  • Modeling costs and assessing risks
  • Analyzing, assessing, and optimizing process chains
  • Selecting suitable IT applications
  • Rolling out new M2M applications in business processes and corporate IT