Broadband supply

Comprehensive coverage of broadband telco connections is the basis for our future Gigabit society and represents an essential part of economic growth in our country.

Due to the expected demand in the future as well as its high political importance, a massive increase of the broadband rollout of glass fiber networks to end customers is very likely in the coming years.

The rollout of glass fiber networks to end customers, however, also means very high investment costs per customer, which requires precise planning of long-term costs and revenues. Compounding the problem is the fact that existing technologies (VDSL and DOCSIS via coaxial TV networks) currently sufficiently cover the essential requirements in the private customer segment. Therefore, the glass fiber network is mostly being built for future demand, which requires special effort in sales and marketing. For players entering the market, the most difficult challenge is probably to identify the value creation stages and how to find the right business model.

LATUS consulting has gained extensive experience from numerous Next Generation Access projects and is familiar with business models and strategies in this field. Our direct support, from multiple broadband expansion projects through to implementation has sharpened our sense of what is feasible.

LATUS consulting offers a comprehensive range of consulting services in the field of broadband access:

  • Evaluation of market potential and feasibility studies
  • Business modeling and profitability analyses
  • Partnering- & cooperation models
  • Product, price & market entry strategies
  • CAPEX/OPEX modelling, revenue planning, business planning