Current consulting highlights

Competitive advantage through efficient production – Optimizing added value and processes in the FTTH mass market

Two of the biggest challenges of the FTTH rollout is adapting all processes to larger scales and synchronizing the network rollout with marketing activities. An optimal FTTH production process on the basis of market standards with a high level of automation ensures commercial success and competitive advantages in the broadband market. The overall optimization and structuring of the FTTH factory process with regard to scaling of business processes and further improvement of the quality of individual process steps are crucial factors.

To achieve overall optimization it is absolutely necessary to analyze existing processes and identify optimization potential and measures of improving data quality and process workflows. Concepts of processes and its transformation in IT systems with special features designed especially for the FTTH rollout have to be developed, in order to provide end customers with highest quality and cost-optimized modern broadband services.

In close collaboration with the customer, LATUS consulting provides implementation support and develops target scenarios of consistent process management for FTTH.

Services of LATUS consulting are (among others):

  • Analysis of end-to-end value chain and existing processes with regard to customers and rollout
  • Identification of economic, technical, and procedural optimization potentials
  • Development of a comprehensive FTTH factory process
  • Definition of specifications to implement processes and IT systems (BSS and OSS)
  • Concepts to manage and synchronize marketing and network rollout
  • Support in the implementation phase