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Concepts and business models for modern wireless networks – 5G, LoRa, WiFi 6 as a chance for suppliers and the telco industry

Modern wireless technologies and glass fiber based networks form the essential components of a gigabit society. The number of applications of wireless networks has been increasing significantly within the past years. Whereas past developments aimed at achieving higher bandwidths, it is nowadays more important to create a wide range of new application profiles. Autonomous driving, industry 4.0, surveillance of critical infrastructures, and general Internet of things require more than pure bandwidth in the future. For this purpose, other wireless standards besides the mobile network have been developed for different demands. The selection of the right technology and standard is closely connected to the development of the right business model. 5G, LoRa, WiFi 6, LTE@450 are currently the relevant standards.

Besides the glass fiber rollout, the introduction of the next generation mobile network, also known as 5G, is on top of the agenda of telecommunications companies, industry, and politics for the following years. For the first time in history of mobile networks, 5G is the first to cover very different requirements with just one standard or rather one technology. This is why 5G is considered the most promising candidate for many applications. However, for specific requirements, for instance the management of critical infrastructures, other wireless solutions have been considered. In order to select the right technology, commercial and technical requirements have to be analyzed carefully.

For this purpose, LATUS’ consultants transform end customers’ requirements in complex technical parameters of wireless networks, in order to determine the right frequency, technology and standard. LATUS consulting provides support in business modeling, application analyses, the overall application process to get mobile network and local 5G frequencies as well as the operative implementation of strategies and concepts.

LATUS consulting offers comprehensive services in the area of wireless networks and 5G:

  • Application & potential analysis
  • Development of application portfolio and development of partnering concepts / cooperation
  • Conception and selection of right technologies, standards and frequencies
  • Development of business models based on technical concept and revenue forecast
  • Network planning & mobile coverage for campus & indoor networks
  • Development of investment and business plan
  • Selection of frequency based on conducted planning and application support

Definition customer potential  (e.g. industrial estate georeferenced)


Clustering of applications

Identification of basic services

Demand and availability of end devices


Expected user develeopment

Revenue potential


Coverage / Indoor requirements

Bandwidths (Peak, Average)

Number of terminals per area

Mobility requirements




Network area and radio coverage

Campus & Indoor planning


Which technology can be used to implement the requirements?

Which frequencies / spectrum is required?

Network model and quantity structure

Invest and cost estimations


revenue development

Application portfolio

Operating model


Network plan

Investment plan

Local coverage

Frequency demand

Representation of own performance